Clamp-on Current Sensors

The Basics

Clamp-on Current Sensors are devices allow the measurement of currents without having to

break the circuit, namely non-invasive. The most common application is for the

measurement of mains currents, but the available technologies allow the sensor to be

optimised for most applications. In essence, these are current transformer where the core has been cut, then clamped closed after installation.


The difference between a Clamp-on Current Sensors and a split core device is that a Clamp-on is designed to be installed & removed multiple times while the split-core is intended to be installed just once.   There are also significantly different safety requirements between the two.

Hall Effect.

Combined AC & DC input sensor with a voltage output.

These sensors combines a magnetic core with a gap into which is inserted a Hall Effect sensor — an electronic device which responds to a magnetic field.   With associated electronic circuitry, the output is an image of the measured current.   These devices can be supplied powered either from an external source or, for portable applications, a battery.   A special model providing just a DC output is available.

Different models are available covering a range from 100Amp to 7,500Amp peak or DC.

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